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"Ene seme, zoriontasuna gauza txikiez eginda dago: yate txiki bat, luxuzko etxe txiki bat, aberastasun txiki bat..."
Groucho Marx

Official Formation

Join in and little by little, without realizing it you will be reading.

The subway, bus stops, forms... Everything at your reach.

To help you in your daily life.

From the lowest levels up to obtaining the required secondary education degree (ESO).

Basic mathematics up to where you want.

You learn by reading.

Without any difficulty , from the level that you have, to... widen your culture!!

What do you want to know?

Your curiosity is our tool; History, Literature, Geography, Art...

Achieve the degree of the E.S.O., and you will be able to access better jobs and to top levels of education.

Courses of 2 or 3 hours a day depending on the level.

Official degree of the Basque Government.

Free education.

Choose your schedule: In the Morning, Evening or night.

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Modular Formation

You also have the opportunity to choose from a great variety of optional modules.

  • Education at no cost, and at your own rhythm.


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University access

  • If you want to access to the university or to promote in your working place, Iturribide is your center.
  • We help you pass the tests that the university realizes once a year.
  • If you are interested in make a careful study of any of the aspects here indicated, you can take them as optional modules for your personal formation.

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Access to vocational training

Access to vocational training

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